Soccer Club of Ridgefield, youth soccer in Western Connecticut

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RECREATION PLUS LEAGUE - NOT Updated for Spring 2019. Check back soon.


Rec Plus is an extension of the House program.  The primary difference between Rec Plus and House is the travel element, level of competition, and team composition.  Our Rec Plus teams may travel up to 50% of the time.  While Rec Plus is a part of House, we have found the competition to be higher than in House's younger divisions.  In the league, many Rec Plus players have both Travel and House experience.  Also, Rec Plus allows up to 4 travel players per team.  We have had travel players join us for games and practice.  In these instances, both the travel and Rec Plus player have benefited. 


Historically, SCOR participated in the 5th-8th Grade Divisions of Rec Plus as we had enough teams to form divisions in the lower grades. In the Spring of 2016, we have officially expanded our Rec Plus participation to include 3rd-4th Grade as well.


Ridgefields Rec Plus teams do not have professional coaches.  A few towns have professional coaches for their Rec Plus squads.  Parent coaches and managers are needed.  We look to assign one team manager and at least one team coach.  As in the past, SCOR skills clinics will be offered during the summer and season. 


All games are scheduled on Saturdays.  Generally speaking, the higher grades are scheduled late morning and early afternoon.  Game schedules are prepared by volunteer Rec Plus League Directors.  The directors are from the participating towns.


House practices are normally held on Monday, Wednesday or Friday; the Rec Plus teams follows this schedule.  The parent coach sets the practice day.  Traditionally, Fridays have been the most common day for practice. In most cases, there is only one team practice. 


The Fall 2019 season runs from September 15th through November 10.  Additional friendly games are possible.  Games are held on Columbus Day based on team(s) availability. 


Individual clubs have organized soccer jamborees for teams within the division.  Various formats have been used.  All jamborees are held in one day and usually extend for 3 4 hours.